Menders by Lenbrook designed a proven strategy known as the Best Practices Care Model. The client-centered approach is a simple three-step process to ensure protocols are followed and delivered for quality of care and quality of life. 


Step 1

Assessing: A Menders by Lenbrook registered nurse with extensive gerontology knowledge performs the in-home assessment. Health history, functional ability (including physical limitations and cognitive status), nutrition, exercise and home safety are among the factors we assess. 


step 2

Planning: A Menders by Lenbrook registered nurse designs the care plan. Upon discussing the plan of care with the client and family member, we incorporate personal preferences, confirm agreement and present an evidence-based, realistic plan that addresses and monitors every detail from medication reminders and diet to physical activity and personal care. The care plan remains in the home as a definitive guide for any Menders by Lenbrook caregiver in your service. 


step 3

Monitoring: Each week, caregivers (Certified Nursing Assistants) submit daily narratives of the care and services they have provided which are reviewed by a Menders by Lenbrook Registered Nurse. Our RNs further monitor the care and client satisfaction by written communication, contacting our clients in person or by phone as deemed appropriate.